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HM Marketing Services was established with the goal of providing the best packaging solution for the industry. Within a few years, the qualities, reliability and price competitiveness of our straps led to a rapid growth in the local packaging market. Our polyester strapping is manufactured with the best machine and materials. We are specialized in Polyester and Steel strapping tools. Under our company we have few well known brands. Our mission is to help you to have a better loads securements.

In addition, we also supplying “Star” brand wood working tooling since 1997. We are manufacturer and importer of the wood working tooling. Our main tooling are such as Tct saw blade, Pcd saw blade, Tct router bit, Pcd router bit, Custom made cutter, Drill bit, Tct/Hss planer knife, Cbn grinding wheel and many other kinds of tooling.

Furthermore, we have been the dealer for woodworking machine brand “Virutex” for more than 20 years. Especially laminate cutter CO15L, it was one of our best selling product in “Virutex” product range. This products even well known in wood working industry especially at those renovation line.

Dealer are always welcome to inquiry. We believed our expertise could assist you. We look forward to hear from you.

Official Website: www.hm-marketing.com.my          

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